Shale Lake.. get away and play... 

The Stables Boarding and Trail Riding

Board your Horse with us so you can
                             ....get away and play!
Where you and your horse can be happy!
Our goal is to provide a safe affordable environment where your horse can be a horse!  A place where you know your horse is being taken care of properly even when you can't be there.  We want everyone to feel welcome and have their specific needs met.  Whether you are looking for a place to ride daily, once a month or let your horse retire to a life in comfort...Shale Lake is the place!

Over 160 Acres to Ride....around the 24 acre lake, in the large outdoor arena or through the wooded areas.  It's beautiful, 365 days a year!

Over 25 Acres of Pasture....with a limit of only ONE horse per acre!  No mud lots or overcrowding.  Healthy conditions for happy horses.

Our Boarding facility is just 45 minutes from St. Louis, MO and 45 minutes from Springfield, IL and just 2 minutes from our Winery!  We are located right off I-55 at exit 37 between Livingston and Staunton, IL.
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Our Services:
Premium Board      $355 month
(-$5 discount for on time pay)
    Our 12x12 stalls were built with the horses safety and comfort in mind.  They each have an individual 12x20 outstall and all the modern comforts your horse could possibly need.  You know they are happy when you see them laying down in their stalls or sunning themselves with the heat bouncing off their outstall wall.
    We muck and replace bedding daily.  We don't believe in auto-watering....we remove the buckets and wash them daily.  How else would you know how much water your horse is consuming?  The watering buckets are insulated so that they stay cool in the summer and don't freeze in the winter.  We have ceiling mounted fans that kick on when the barn gets too hot and off when it cools down.  We use safe wall mounted feeders and comfort mats under hoof.
    The stall horses are turned out (weather permitting) every day.  The horses have over 9 acres to roam.  Each stall comes with a Tack Cart.
    Stalled horses are feed grain and hay twice a day all year long.
Pasture Board       $255 month
(-$5 discount for on time pay)
    A guarantee of no more than one horse per acre with only 6 horses per 7 acre pasture.  Which means your horse will have a herd to romp with and enough room to take a break when they want.
    The hill pasture has a beautiful view of the surrounding community and Shale Lake.  A reclaimed coal mine, it was planted for harvesting hay so it has excellent grass, clover and even alfalfa.  There is a nice breeze and run-in shelters and shade.
    The "Y" shaped barn has an individual feeder for each horse with a short privicy wall in between each feeder.  The partial walls between the feeders ensure that your horse can eat in peace even in the community style feeding.  The shelters are used year round...a good sign of a happy horse!
    The Hill barn has a tack room for your saddle and lockers for your gear.
    Pasture horses are fed grain and hay twice a day in the winter months and grain only once a day in the summer months. 
    For ALL Boarders...we have a 250' x 100' outdoor arena.  Plus, there is a full restroom for the humans.  
    We have a Farrier who come out on a routine basis.  Our holding fee is $10.  You are welcome to use your own Vet or Farrier.  
    We have a mandatory deworming program in place.  We provide the worming with a 4 season rotation dispensed on the same day so that no horses are at risk.  The cost is $12 every other month.
Trailer IN and Ride...
    If you would like to bring YOUR horse and ride for the day, you can during our normal business hours, there is a fee of $7.00 per horse.  Our normal business hours are Friday after 4 p.m., Saturday 1-10 p.m. and Sunday after 1:00 p.m.  We are closed Monday-Thursday.  Please call ahead and let us know you are coming or email
    To ride with us, you will need a current coggins.  Please bring your coggins and fee into the Winery before unloading your horse.  Please do not park your trailer on the grass if the conditions are wet.  We have close to 6 miles of wooded and grassy trails. 
    We do NOT have trail riding (using our horses) at this time.
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