Shale Lake.. get away and play... 

Come join us, relax...have a glass of wine!

The Winery at Shale Lake 

            Heated Wine Garden over looking the 14 acre Vineyard 
                    (with seating for 40) 
            Cozy winter loft
                    (with seating for approximately 30 people)
            Outdoor Patio and Grove
Over 6 miles of wooded trails
             Scenic wine trail and picnic areas 
             Plus Food, Fun and so much more!  
The perfect destination spot where sophistication and simplicity meet.

Our goal is for our customers to be entertained and relaxed with country luxury! 

Bring your spouse for a romantic night out, bring a group and have some fun in the sun or just bring yourself and a book and take a break from it all...

just get away and play!

ALL of our wine is made in the USA, made in Illinois and made in OUR WINERY!


Open every weekend

Friday 4:00-10:00 .
Saturday 1:00-10:00
Sunday 1:00-6:00 p.m.
(winter 12:00-
4:00 p.m)

Large Group?  Call or send an email...we will be happy to record the date and time of your upcoming visit so that we can make sure the we have ample staffing and let you know if there are any conflicts with other groups or events.
We will put a reservation sign on a table to "hold" it for parties of 8 or more..just call ahead.  Maximum "hold" for Music events is 3 tables in the wine garden or 20 people on the outside patio.

            Private Party?  We accept reservations for our "Beatles" room during normal business hours for up to 3 hours for 10-20 guests
We will open for large groups on ANY day of the week.

We have food service in the Winery.  We do NOT allow food to be brought in (with the exception of celebration cakes).  This includes "finger foods", "snack foods", non-alcoholic drinks and "candy".  We will try to accommodate all food requests at a reasonable price...just ask us ahead of time!

Calendar of Events
at the Winery

Our Wine
Sold by the Bottle.................$  18.00 including tax
    Sold by the Glass.................$    6.00 including tax
    Sold by the Case..................$194.00 including tax             

                        Our Wines
Beginner's Luck 
    Semi Dry Red Chambourcin
Snake Eyes     
    Semi Dry White Traminette
Triple Vine              
    Semi Sweet Blush
Quarter Turn         
    Dry Red Norton
Fifth Dimension    
    Sweet Red Marechal Foch
Sixth Sense         
    Sweet Cayuga White
Seventh Heaven  
    Semi Sweet White Vignole
Spider Legs          
    Semi Sweet Blueberry
Cloud Nine           
    Semi Sweet White
      Chambourcin Rose
    Dry Oak aged Red Blend
Eleventh Hour     
    Dry Oak aged Cayuga White
    Sweet Red Norton  
    Sweet Red Norton  
Something Special               
     Semi Sweet Rose

    ABSOLUTELY NO Alcoholic Beverages 
 may be brought onto the Property.  All coolers are subject to search.

Please stop at the front gate and drop off your guests.  It is closer to the front door and there is NO where to turn around.  The overflow parking is to the left of the gate...just back up and park.  What happens at the Winery stays at the Winery and what happens on the Bus stays on the BUS!  Please do not let your guests carry alcohol off of the bus.  Bus Companies who do not comply with parking and alcohol rules will be denied access to Shale Lake 
           (and our restrooms).  
      Our Beer
Sold by the bottle 
    Domestic.....$3.00 including tax
    Premium......$3.25 including tax


Bud Light
Bud Select
Miller Light
Coors Light

Micholob Ultra
Mike's Hard Lemonaide

Also available....
    Water / Tea......$1.00

We have FOOD too!
We call it "heavy appetizers" but you can make a meal out of it!  We add items all the time but here are the basics!   Our Latest Menu
Thin Crust 12" Pizzas...
    Pesto with Artichoke & Sundried 
    Spinach and Portabella Mushroom
    Red, White and Blue 
    Chicken Alfredo
    Meat (Sausage,Pepperoni,Bacon)
    White Garlic and Sausage
    BBQ Chicken
     Plain ole' Cheese
    Italian Beef
    Turkey Panini
    Steak and Mushroom Panini
Hot Appetizers & Baskets....
        Blue Cheese and Garlic
        Goat Cheese and Raspberry
        Pesto and Sundried Tomatoes
        Honey and Blue Cheese

Arts on Fire (Bacon wrapped Artichoke)
Baked Brie
Baked Goat Cheese
    Baked Bread Loafs
        Loaded (Cheesy Artichoke)
        Shroom (Mushroom and cheddar)
        Bloom'n (Savory pull- a- part)

Italian Dipping Oil and Bread
Salami and Cheese Baskets
OUR FOOD POLICY...  We DO NOT ALLOW Outside food in the Winery, Wine Garden, Patio or the Loft.  With wine purchase you are welcome to take your own food down to the lake or to any of the trail picnic areas.   
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